Pupsi Daisy Grooming Salon
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Grooming Services:

Bath Package

Bath with skin specific shampoo and conditioner chosen by you and your Groomer
        - Up to 15 minutes of brushing
        - Ears cleaned and plucked
        - Nails cut
        - Anal glands (expressed externally only)
        - Bows or bandana
Full Grooming-
The Bath Package 
        -  Plus the haircut of your choice (if possible.)

   I am trained to do AKC Standard Clips if desired, or love creating Custom Clips for the parents who want something different. 
If there is excessive matting, removing the damaged coat and starting over is usually the kindest thing to do for your pet.

Touch Up-
        - The Bath Package 
        - Plus a sanitary trim 
        - Face and Feet trimmed
            ** Great for the winter!**
The Bath Package 
        - Removal of the undercoat. (the stuff all over the carpet and your furniture.)

  We have a special series of shampoos, conditioners and brushes we use to obtain the best results possible, without harming your pets' skin. 
This service is not recommended for the pet that lives outdoors or who works in a breed specific job, such as an Aussie who herds.

Walk-in Services:
 - Nails cut ( filing is extra)
        - Ears plucked and cleaned
        - Anal glands (expressed externally only)

  Anyone is welcome to come in for any of these services without an appointment Monday through Friday 8:00am -4:30pm

    This is considered to be the "correct" method to groom hard-coated Terriers.  This method retains the wiry coat needed to protect a Terrier who hunts or is used for outside sports.  This is also the only way one may be groomed if you are planning on showing the dog for conformation shows.  This method is a specialty and is priced accordingly.

    For any of you who have ever had a dog get skunked, fear no more, we can actually remove the smell, not cover it up.  We just ask that you understand this is a very time consuming process and not to rush us, expect us to keep your mischievous pet for the whole day.


Pets certainly know when they are clean and looking good.  Well-groomed pets are happier, better behaved, healthier, and more out going.  Grooming is more then an attractive hair-do.  It is a matter of health and hygiene.  Part of our grooming services is to check the condition of your pets' skin, coat, eyes, ears and teeth.  Regular, professional grooming can help prevent problems such as excessive shedding, skin and paw disorders, and painful mats , as well as help you catch other problems that might otherwise go unnoticed.  Pets of every size, breed, age, and coat type need to be groomed regularly.


There are many variables in pet grooming, such as: size of pet, length & condition of hair, behavior, style requested & brushing time.  Therefore, there is no set price for fine grooming.  We can give price ranges over the phone, but these prices may change if the quoted condition, size or coat is different then expected.  We always do our very best to forewarn parents if there is going to be a price change. 
Yes, our prices may be a bit higher then the others in town, but we truly believe what we offer here is worth the small difference in price.  The saying, "you get what you pay for", applies to pet grooming too.


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