Pupsi Daisy Grooming Salon
A Diamond in the "Ruff"
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Pupsi Daisy Grooming Salon is staffed with pet owners and lovers.  I created Pupsi Daisy to offer others the service I want my own pets to experience.  I have carefully created this salon to provide a safe and relaxing atmosphere for both pets and parents.

The most important elements in determining the quality of pet grooming are:
Patience, expertise, education & artistry.  Groomers at Pupsi Daisy fully embody all four elements.



I was born and raised in GI and graduated from GISH.  I have for most of my life been a quieter person who enjoys expression through the ARTS.  Animals are my passion.  I have grown up around many different animals: cats, dogs, chickens, goats, and horses.  I graduated with a degree in Equestrian Sciences from NW College at Powell in Wyoming.  During my time in college I also found time to take a few Art classes a semester.  I really thought I’d be working with horses but I had an unfortunate accident while working at a training stable in Iowa that left me with a hurt back and the sensibility to look for a new career.  I still train new riders and compete with my own horses. 

Since my accident, I have tried a few different pet related professions and found my home in the pet grooming industry.  I love what I do and feel a sense of accomplishment after each pet is finished.  What people should know about me:  I am a sensible, down to earth girl who always uses my head first to solve all problems.  I am calm in high stress situations and always take a look from the other person's perspective before I make any conclusions.  I believe that most people do the best that they know how and sometimes just need a little help to get things right.  I am truly excited to build a professional relationship with each customer and pet. And getting to add my own artistic flair to each haircut, well thats just an added bonus.












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